Butler Active Business Solutions (BABS)

Among the underlying goals in any corporation is to effectively deliver high quality results in a time efficient manner. In today’s competitive business climate it is important to utilize processes and practices that are proven to deliver quantifiable results. BABS offers a portfolio of professional services in disciplines that have been shown to help organizations realize breakthrough improvements in cost, efficiency and quality of their products and/or services. At BABS, we are dedicated and committed to the highest quality educational and training services.

About Me

Executive Master Black Belt (EMBB)
Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Conducted 300+ training and certification  sessions on Lean Six Sigma methodology  for close to 3000+ participants from diverse businesses and  corporations with an average  of > $500K annualized savings per project.

  • 1 of < 30 Certified Executive Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts (EMBB) globally.
  • Accredited by the Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI) and DR. Mikel Harry the Co-creator of Lean Six Sigma in the 1980s.
  • Guest Speaker at many Lean Six Sigma and Business Process conferences and meetings.

Master Instructor

Executive Master Black Belt (EMBB)
Master Black Belt Leader/Trainer (MBB)
Accredited ITIL ITSM Practitioner
Certified Ergonomic Auditor


18+ years of Lean Six Sigma Support and Instruction
IT Service Management (ITSM) Leadership and Support
Program and Project Management (PMP) Delivery


Provide training and workplace evaluations regarding Human Factors and Ergonomics (Both Office and Industrial Environments)
Experienced in modifying and designing continuous improvement programs
Expert Statistical Data Analysis (Virtual and Onsite support)
Optimal delivery of Lean Six Sigma WB,YB,GB,BB and MBB certification courses


Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Mentor, Coach and Consultant.
Succesful Management of multicultural learning and development environments. (Asia, USA, UK, KSA, Latin America, Virtual, etc)
Management of business projects to achieve > 50 Million dollars in annualized profit and growth.

Butler Active Business Solutions Services

Optimal Delivery
○ Onsite Training
○ Virtual Training
○ Recorded Webinars
Optimal Role
○ Project role achieved
○ Customers are ecstatic
○ Cultural change over time
Optimal Quality
○ Projects on schedule
○ Training on schedule
○ Projects achieve Goals
Optimal Success
○ Less Customer complaints
○ Maintain Quality certificates
○ Improve KPI’s and add Value

Operational Terms


An group focused on delivering products or services (Ex. For Profit & Non profit)


Things used at the beginning of your business to get started


The steps or actions taken to inputs to get an output result


The results created after the use of both inputs and process

Strategy Terms


Making changes in order to get a better output result

Current State

The current state of your business before improvement change

Desired State

The current state of your business after improvement change

Next Steps

Plan used to schedule the required actions to get improvement

A leading Lean Six Sigma Training and IT Technical Support services provider to top companies globally

  • Tyrone was the instructor for a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt class I attended in 2009. As a Master Black Belt, he is an expert in the area of Lean Six Sigma and this came across clearly during the training. What I enjoyed the most was his ability to make the class leanings interesting and relevant. After the class, he worked closely with the project team I pulled together for our Green Belt certification. He offered valuable guidance as we worked through the process with our client. I would highly recommend Tyrone as a Green or Black Belt trainer, but I would also be comfortable in hiring him to manage a Lean Six Sigma project.

    Dana Call
    Dana CallLicensed Agent at New York Life Insurance Company
  • I received my Black Belt training and Tyron Butler was my instructor. His has an extensive background in Six Sigma and kept the course interesting, especially statistical process. The quality of the Lean Six Sigma training we received through Tyron has been outstanding. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor, which helped our class open up. The material is comprehensive and his years of experience allow him to effectively mentor a wide variety of projects. The ongoing leadership support provided by Tyron has been invaluable to me and my colleagues.

    Tina Courtney
    Tina CourtneyBusiness Data Analysis Manager
  • Tyrone taught me the ins and outs of Lean Six Sigma. He is an excellent teacher and coach. He balances the theoretical with insights needed to be successful in the field. I would hire Tyrone in a heartbeat.

    Bart Lauwers
    Bart LauwersStrategic IT Leader
  • I had my Black Belt training and Tyron Butler was my instructor. He is an excellent teacher and coach. He balances the theoretical with insights needed to be successful in the field. The quality of the Lean Six Sigma training we received through Tyron has been outstanding.

    Ihssane Hadi, PMP, CLSSBB
    Ihssane Hadi, PMP, CLSSBBSenior Learning System Analyst/Project Manager Consultant
  • I had my Black Belt training and Tyrone was my instructor. He taught me a lot of technical and comprehensive six sigma skill-sets through the training. Very energetic and dedicated teaching attitude was helpful and practical for business scene. His experience was also outstanding and good learn for our future business mindset. Very impressed with his teaching skills and I really enjoyed it!

    Toru Tagawa, MS, CLSSBB, PMP
    Toru Tagawa, MS, CLSSBB, PMPInternal Control Manager at Mizkan Americas
  • I received my ITIL v3 Foundation training from Tyrone. His knowledge of the information was instrumental in my passing the test. I would highly recommend taking a class from Tyrone.

    Mike Janeway
    Mike JanewayDirector of Information Technology at Arlington Orthopedic Associates
  • I received my Lean Sigma Green Belt training from Tyrone. Tyrone is an extremely sincere and detail oriented individual. His vast knowledge,ability to communicate effectively and quick wit makes Tyrone stand apart as an outstanding coach and mentor. I would highly recommend Tyrone Butler to anyone who is looking for Six Sigma training.

    Saayan Bhattacharya
    Saayan BhattacharyaSix Sigma Yellow Belt Certified Professional
  • I am one of Mr. Tyrone trainee. I have had the pleasure of taking a course with him. He is an enthusiastic trainer who loves his job. I can say with confidence that if anyone had him as a trainer, he will enjoy the class because he is energetic and passion about his work.

    Alaa SindiInformation systems